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Would You Like To Learn How To Meditate?


This 4-week introduction to meditation course includes 4 x 30-minute sessions for 4 consecutive weeks, personal guidance from Wynand (who has been meditating since 2005), reading material, and digital videos, with the specific aim to help you establish a daily personal meditation practice! 










(Inner) Peace Is Possible!

Investment In Mental Health = R2000

Wynand’s experience as a meditation practitioner:

  • 9 Days Live as a Monk Retreat @ Nanhua Temple 2005

  • Multiple 7-day silent meditation retreats @ Nanhua Temple between 2006 – 2013

  • Yoga Teachers Training Course that included 28 days of intensive Yoga and Meditation training @ Sivananda Ashram Neyyer Dam, Kerala India 2008

  • 10-Day silent Vipassana retreat @ Dhamma Pataka Worcester 2015

  • Consistent and dedicated meditation practice (Ānāpānasati & Vipassana) since 2005 till present

“It would be a great honour and privilege for me to be able to share with you what I have learned over the years, and guide you on what could be a life changing and lifelong adventure.” Wynand

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